There are 3 parts to configuring Xero:

  • Part 1: Register your Application (This is done through your Xero Developer Portal).

  • Part 2: Add the secure keys you generate in 'Part 1' to the Railz Dashboard.

Part 1: Register your Application

  1. Create and/or Login to your Xero Developer Portal:

  2. Click 'My Apps'

3. Click 'New app'

4. Log in using your Xero credentials (or create an account if you don’t already have one).

5. Enter the following:

  • In the App name box, add a short name for your application. Your customers see this when they authorize your connection to their accounting system.

  • In the Company or application URL box, add a link to your company's website.

  • In the OAuth 2.0 redirect URI box, enter the URI

Part 2: Add your Secure Keys

1. Navigate to: and login.

2. Select Integrations.

3. For Xero select Manage.

4. Copy your ClientID & Client Secret from your Xero developer portal and Paste your ClientID & Client Secret into Railz and select Save changes.

5. Enable your integration. Go back to Integrations, and use the toggle to update the Xero integration from Disabled to Enabled.

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