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How do I configure QuickBooks Desktop?
Written by Ali Kiassat
Updated over a week ago

Before you can access data from users using QuickBooks Desktop for their accounting, you need to follow the steps given here to configure your QuickBooks Desktop account.

How Safe is my Data?

Your information is encrypted end to end and your credentials will never be shared.

Steps to configure QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Download QuickBooks Web Connector.

  • Install QuickBooks Web Connector.

  • Configure QuickBooks Web Connector.

  • Enable QuickBooks Desktop within the Railz Dashboard

Part 1: Download QuickBooks Web Connector

The first step is for the business to download the QuickBooks Web Connector and Railz .qwc configuration file from Railz Connect™.

Part 2: Install QuickBooks Web Connector

Each business should install the QuickBooks Web Connector (QBWebConnectorInstaller.exe).

For step-by-step instructions to install QBWC, businesses can refer to this QuickBooks Help Article

Step 3. Configure QuickBooks Web Connector

In steps 2-4 of Railz Connect™, a business will be prompted to configure the QuickBooks Web Connector.

1. With QuickBooks Desktop open, a business should navigate to File > App Management > Update Web Services to launch the QuickBooks Web Connector and add a new application.

2. In the QuickBooks Web Connector, a business should select Add an Application and choose the previously downloaded **Railz .qwc file** from their windows file viewer.

3. In the QuickBooks Web Connector, the business should then select the checkbox and enter the password provided in step 4 of Railz Connect™ when prompted.

4. After being prompted for the password, a business should select Update Selected to initiate data retrieval.

Part 4: Enable QuickBooks Desktop within the Railz Dashboard

  1. In the Railz Dashboard, navigate to Integrations>Accounting.

  2. Toggle to enable QuickBooks Desktop.

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