How is Data Synchronized?
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Data synchronization ensures that our data is up-to-date with the service provider. This also means that you'll be able to retrieve the synchronized business data using our API or view the data on our Dashboard.

There are three ways for initiating data synchronization:

  1. Initial Data Synchronization

    This is the data synchronization that happens when a new business is connected for the first time. Under the 'Integrations' -> 'Data Sync' option, you can choose the data types that you wish to synchronize initially, along with the number of years to sync:

    These data types which are synchronized initially, can be retrieved through the Railz API endpoints after successfully connecting a business. The deselected data types under 'Data Sync', will be synchronized in the next sync process and will be available after that. Please note that, for Enterprise plans, the 'Data Sync' settings can be set at a team level for all businesses and service providers and only Super Admins can change these settings. You may find more information about Data Sync settings here.

    Here's a short video of using the 'Data Sync' settings for Initial Data Synchronization:

    Please refer this page for more details on Initial Data Synchronization.

  2. Daily Data Synchronization

    Railz synchronizes all connections every 24 hours from the connection date and retrieves all new transactions since the previous sync. For additional information, please visit this page.

  3. On-demand Data Synchronization Using the Railz API

    We have a dedicated endpoint POST /data/sync to initiate an on-demand data sync for any specific data type. You may find more information here.

For more information:

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