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How do I configure Plaid?
Written by Ali Kiassat
Updated over a week ago

You will have to setup and integrate Plaid with Railz before you can access banking data via Railz. To integrate Plaid with Railz, you will have to,

  1. Create an account on Plaid

  2. Get Plaid production API Keys

  3. Enable Plaid integration on the Railz Dashboard™

  4. Customize Plaid

Retrieve Plaid Production API Keys

  1. Create an account on Plaid

  2. Once logged in, Navigate to Team Settings >> Keys

If you have Plaid production access, you will see the Plaid production secret under Secrets, if not, please refer to our article on How to migrate to Plaid Production

Enable Plaid Integration on the Railz Dashboard

1. Log in to the Railz Dashboard™.

2. Navigate to Integrations >> Banking and click on the Configure button for Plaid

3. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret from Plaid and paste them onto the Railz Dashboard™.

4. Select the countries from the dropdown.

5. Click on the ‘Save & Enable’ button to save.

When the above steps are completed, your business customers will be able to connect their banking data with Railz.

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