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Creating a business
Written by Ali Kiassat
Updated over a week ago

A business can be created on the Railz Dashboard by an Admin or a customer can manually create a business by entering a business name onto the Railz Sites link that was shared with them.

How to create a business on the Railz Dashboard?

To create a business on the Railz Dashboard™, navigate to Businesses and click on ‘Add new business’. You will then be prompted to enter a business name.

When you enter the business name and click on Add, you will then receive the Railz Sites™ Link. Please see here for more information on Railz Sites™.

You can share this link with your business customers when requesting them to connect their accounting services with Railz.

How can a customer create a business using the onboarding link?

If you are planning to onboard multiple customers at once, you now have the option of sharing a single Railz Sites link with your business customer. Your customer will be prompted to enter the business name and then they can connect the required services at the same time.

To fetch this single Railz sites link, log into the Railz Dashboard and navigate to Railz Sites. Under Onboard Multiple Businesses you can see the Railz Sites link which can be shared with multiple business customers.

When a customer navigates to this link, they will be first asked to enter the business name.

After a customer types in a business name and clicks on Next, they will then be prompted to copy the Railz Sites link if they wish to connect a service at a later date.

The customers can click on next when prompted to copy the Railz Sites URL and then connect their required accounting, banking or eCommerce service.

More information on managing a business o the Railz Dashboard™ can be found here.

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