Service Integrations Overview
Written by Ali Kiassat
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Since Railz is a white-labeled solution that accesses data from external sources, you must first configure your access to each integration in the Railz Dashboard™ before requesting your business customers to connect their accounting and banking services onto Railz.

Accounting Integrations

Most accounting service providers require you to register with them before you're able to access data from their platform via Railz. In most cases, this is free and should only take a few minutes.

For the below list of accounting services, you will first have to integrate them with Railz using the Railz Dashboard™. For each integration, you will need a Client ID and Client Secret from the accounting service provider to complete the integration.

For accounting services like Oracle Netsuite and Quickbooks Desktop, it will be up to your business customers to set up the required configurations on the accounting service provider's end.

In this collection, under the section ‘Accounting Services', you will be able to detailed steps on setting up the service integrations. More information on Accounting integration can also be found here.

Banking Integrations

Banking integrations allow you to gain access to up-to-date account balances and transaction data from your business customers' banks. Please see here for more information on our Bank Accounts and Bank Transactions data models.

Railz currently supports Plaid to connect your business' banking data. More information on integrating Plaid with Railz can be found here.

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