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How to become a Xero Developer Partner?
Written by Ali Kiassat
Updated over a week ago

By default Xero only allows 25 connections to be made, and if a customer is in need of more than 25 connections, Xero requests these customers to become a Xero Developer Partner.

The program also provides unlimited connections and other perks. This document will highlight the steps that need to be taken for our customers to become a Xero Developer Partner.

How it works

To be eligible for the Developer Partner Program, You must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Register with Xero to become a Developer Partner.

  • Complete at least two Xero API integration projects with Your customers.

  • Include a landing page on your website that describes the services you provide and a link to at least one case study based on a Xero integration project.

  • Adhere to Xero Security Requirements

  • Adhere to Xero App Partner Brand Guidelines

Xero will not confirm your status as a Developer Partner until all the above requirements are met.

Benefits of Developer Partner Program?

Once you have been accepted to the Developer Partner Program, you may receive access to some of the benefits like:

  • Access to the Xero Developer Center

  • Access developer support for Your integration, and receive initial end-user support for inquiries made directly to Xero

Xero will and might update their terms and conditions including the Xero Developer Platform Terms and Conditions, so it would be ideal to keep an eye on the following provided by Xero themselves.

Please see here for more information on integrating Xero with Railz.

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