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How to connect Oracle Netsuite to your Financial Provider?
How to connect Oracle Netsuite to your Financial Provider?
Written by Ali Kiassat
Updated over a week ago

Your financial provider is providing you with an easy-to-use solution to share your Accounting information with them. This means no more collecting PDFs and sending them via email. This is a safe and secure option for sharing the data needed. If you’re leveraging Oracle Netsuite, these are the instructions to follow.

When your business customer navigates to the Railz Sites™ link that you shared or to the hosted Railz Connect™ widget, the accounting services will be displayed similar to the below image.

Your business customer will have to follow the following steps to connect Oracle Netsuite with Railz.

Select Oracle Netsuite from the list of Accounting Services and click Continue. The below screen will appear and the customer will be asked to enable features:

In the next step you have to retrieve the Account ID from Oracle Netsuite. To get the Account ID from Oracle Netsuite, log in here and Navigate to Setup >> Integrations >> SOAP Web Services Preferences (See below image) and copy the Account ID, and paste it onto the required fields on the Railz widget, and click next

After entering the Account ID, the following steps need to be followed to install the Netsuite Bundle:

Once the bundle is installed, assign the ConnectApp role to an employee:

The next step is to get the Access Tokens:

Navigate to Setup >> Users/Roles >> Access Tokens >> New and select the following:

  • Application name - Select ConnectApp

  • User - Select the user you assigned ConnectApp to

  • Role - Select the ConnectApp role

When the above-entered details are saved, the token ID and Token Secret will be displayed which then needs to be copied onto Railz as displayed in the below screenshot:

Click next after entering the Token ID and the Token Secret onto Railz.

Once all the details are added onto Railz correctly you will get a message saying Oracle Netsuite was successfully connected onto Railz. (see the below screenshot)

Here's a short video of configuring Oracle Netsuite with Bundle:

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your financial provider's support team. You can also email with questions.

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