Setting up Railz Sandbox Environment
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Railz offers a Sandbox environment for testing purposes. This is a full-featured free environment in which our customers can test out different Railz functionality.

Railz API, Railz Sites™, and Railz Connect™ are supported on the Railz Sandbox Environment. The Sandbox environment does not have any limitation on the number of businesses and connections that can be created.

Log into the Railz Dashboard™ and enable the option, ‘Enable Sanbox

On the Railz Sandbox Environment, you do not have the access to make live connections to real accounting service providers, but you can generate five years of accounting software data into your application to help fine-tune your reporting needs and ensure everything looks good before moving to production.

Please see here for more information on the Railz Sandbox Environment.

Next Steps: Create a business on the Railz Sandbox Environment.

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