With Railz Sandbox 2.0, you can generate five years of accounting software data into your application to help fine-tune your reporting needs and ensure everything looks good before moving to production.

An accounting service can be connected to a business using Railz Sites™ or Railz Connect™. Please see here if you need insight on the difference between Railz Sites™ and Railz Connect™.

Connecting Railz Sandbox to a business using Railz Sites™

Navigate to Integrations >> Accounting and enable the required accounting services.

To access the Railz Sites™ link, navigate to Businesses on the Railz Dashboard™ Sandbox Environment and click on the actions button and select Generate link.

Navigate to the copied Railz Sites™ link and then select an accounting service and click on ‘Continue

When the connection is successful, Railz Sites™ will display a success message like the one below.

Connecting Railz Sandbox to a business using Railz Connect™

On the Railz Dashboard™ Sandbox Environment, navigate to Connect >> Setup to access the Railz Connect™ script. Copy the script from the Railz Dashboard™ and paste it onto a webpage on which you would like to host the Railz Connect™ widget.

Just like on the Railz Sites™, the enabled accounting services will be displayed under the accounting service section. Select the required accounting service and click on ‘Continue’. A success message will be displayed when Railz Sandbox is successfully connected.

Next Steps: Use the Railz API to push and pull data on the Sandbox Environment.

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