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When to use Railz Sites™ and Railz Connect™?
When to use Railz Sites™ and Railz Connect™?
Written by Ali Kiassat
Updated over a week ago

Railz Sites™ is intended to be used if you do not want to work with any coding or do not need a developer to get involved in the process. Railz Sites™ is a secure no-code solution. The customer can simply log into the Railz Dashboard™ and get the Railz Sites™ link which then can be shared with the business customers. There is no need to host any of the codes anywhere since Railz does that for you. You also have the option to customize the Railz Sites™ link according to your requirements. Please see here for more information on customizing Railz Sites™.

The Railz Sites™ link should be manually generated from the Railz Dashboard™ and cannot be automated.

But if you have a website of your own and you would like to share your own website link with your business customers rather than the link generated by Railz, then Railz Connect™ is the ideal solution for you. From the Railz Dashboard™, you can have your development team copy the code snippet and embed it into your website. You also do have the ability to customize the railz Connect™ widget to match your branding. For more information on customizing Railz Connect™, please see here.

Whereas Railz Sites™, on Railz Connect™, you can pass a business name on to the Railz Connect™ script as required

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