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How does Railz Connect™ work?
Written by Ali Kiassat
Updated over a week ago

Railz Connect™ is a plug and play widget that is provided by Raliz which allows customers to embed Railz onto their required web page.

The Railz Connect™ script can be accessed from the Railz Dashboard™ and then can be hosted on the required web page. Railz Connect™ too provides the ability to customize some of the features including removing the Railz watermark and adding brand colors.

Our customers can simply get the Railz Connect™ script from the Railz Dashboard™ and host the script on their required webpage. All new supported integrations are added automatically, so you do not need to update the script every time there is a feature or change.

Steps for a business to authorize Railz to access financial data

  1. Share the webpage that has Railz Connect™ embedded with your business customer.

  2. The business customer will be prompted to select the accounting service. Depending on the accounting service provider, the authorization flow could be different.

  3. Upon successful authorization, Railz creates a new connection associated with the businessName and serviceName.

  4. Once the service provider is successfully authenticated and authorized, Railz Connect™ will redirect the end-user to the success page.

When the above steps are completed, you will have access to your business customer's financial data.

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