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How to customize Railz Connect™?
Written by Ali Kiassat
Updated over a week ago

Just like Railz Sites™, Railz Connect™ also provides the option to customize the widget and make it similar to your company branding.

All customizable options for design and functionalities are controlled by the options that are entered directly as parameters into the Railz Connect™ script.

Following are the available customization options,

  • Business Name

  • Language

  • Layout Customization

  • Removing Service Filter

  • Enabling Close Button

  • Hiding Header

  • Removing Railz Watermark

  • Brand Customization

  • Redirect

The below script is an example of a customized script

<!-- Insert this div where you want Railz Connect to be initialized -->
<div id="railz-connect"></div>

<!-- Start of Railz Connect script -->
<script src=""></script>
var widget = new RailzConnect();
parentElement: document.getElementById('railz-connect'),
widgetId: 'wid-bf51a64f-1d10-4dab-9e63-7bbbd123edd6',
// Add additional Railz Connect configuration paramaters here
brandColor: 'A52EFF',
accentColor: '3D58F3',
language: 'en',
redirectUrl: '',
serviceFilterEnabled: true,
closeEnabled: true,
closeRedirectUrl: '',
headerEnabled: true,
removeRailzWatermark: false
<!-- End of Railz Connect script →

Please see here for more information on customizing Railz Connect™.

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