Filtering using the Railz API
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You can easily filter data returned using the Railz API using URL encoded query parameters with your request.





Equals: =

Greater than: gt

Greater than or equal to: gte

Less than: lt

Less than or equal to: lte

Wildcard: %

  • The query takes the form of {propertyName}={value}.

  • For greater-than, greater-than-or-equal, less-than, and less-than-or-equal-to. In order, the operators are: gt, gte, lt, and lte.

  • Multiple query clauses can be specified, separated by ampersands (;) for AND queries.

  • Sub-properties can be accessed by separating them with a dot. At this time, you can only filter on the id sub-property.

  • You can query strings using the wildcard (%) operator.

  • You can query with child elements by applying the dot notation (e.g. ?lines.description="abc").

Please see here for more information on filtering

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