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How to create an account on Square?
Written by Ali Kiassat
Updated over a week ago

If you are planning to test out our eCommerce integrations and do not have an account on Square, you do have the option to sign up for free. Please see here to get a more understanding of the different plans offered by Square.

The free plan provides you with the following functionality.

  • Unlimited products

  • Sell on Instagram & Facebook

  • Pickup, delivery & shipping

  • Self-serve ordering

  • SEO tools

  • Sync with Square POS

Follow the below steps to set up a free plan.

1 - Click on the ‘Get started for free’ button to start signing up for a free plan.

2 - Next enter your email address, password, and locale and click on the ‘Continue’ button

3 - You will then be asked a few questions which you need to answer. Please see the below screenshots.

  • Select what type of merchant you are.

  • Enter more information on your business.

  • Enter information about yourself.

Please make sure to check your information before you submit, if they are unable to verify your details, you will get a message as follows and you will only have a limited number of retries.

  • Type of products that you intend to sell.

  • How products will be shipped.

4 - The dashboard will provide a list of basic steps to get your online store up and running.

We recommend that you get in touch with the Square support team if you come across any issues when signing up for your free trial.

Please see here for more information on how to integrate Square with Railz.

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