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How to connect Freshbooks to your Financial provider?
Written by Ali Kiassat
Updated over a week ago

Follow the below steps to connect Freshbooks to your financial provider. You will see a page similar to the one below which allow you to select an accounting service from a list of accounting services.

1 - Click on the Freshbooks logo tile and then click on Continue

2 - A new window will pop up requesting you to log into your Freshbooks account. Enter your credentials and click on log in.

3 - When you log in to Freshbooks, then you will see all the accounts which are available on your Freshbooks account and you will be prompted to select the account that they wish to connect.

4 - Select the account that you wish to connect and click on Continue. A success message will be displayed like the one below when the connection is successful.

If the connection was not successful, a message similar to the one below will be displayed and your have the option to retry logging back to Freshbooks. If you still get the ‘Oops’ message, please contact your Financial provider for assistance.

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