How to monitor push request status

Checking the status of a push request

Written by Ali Kiassat
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There are two ways in which you can monitor the status of a push request:

  1. Polling

  2. Webhooks

Polling (Using Railz API)

In this method, you can use the /data/pushStatus endpoint to check the status of the push request. Once you make a push request, a pushCommunicationId is returned and you may filter the GET /data/pushStatus results using this pushCommunicationId. You can also list all the push requests for a business using GET /data/pushStatus.


The second method is to configure a webhook for the Push Status event. When a push API request has finished processing through Railz and the accounting service provider, a webhook payload will be sent with the related information. Learn more about configuring push webhooks here.

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