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How to use the Railz Financial Ratios?
How to use the Railz Financial Ratios?

The Financial Ratios object and how it works

Written by Ali Kiassat
Updated over a week ago

Railz offers a number of Financial Ratios and metrics, such as Credit Ratios, Liquidity Ratios, Runway, Gross Burn Rate etc, based on our normalized financial statements, with which you get quick access to insights on your business customers. You can easily assess the financial performance of your businesses using these metrics and ratios, and it can be beneficial in use cases like lending to make calculated decisions about the creditworthiness of your businesses. Here's a complete list of all the Financial Ratios/metrics offered by Railz.

How can I access the Financial Ratios?

The /financialRatios endpoint can be used to pull the Financial Ratios of a business at a single point in time since inception. Here's a short video on how to pull these ratios using Railz API:

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Each ratio/metric is represented in different values like number, months, percentage etc. For example, runway which falls under Liquidity Ratios, is represented as a number of months.

  • Financial ratios are created for monthly, quarterly and yearly timeframes and have a start and an end date. For a given timeframe and start date, the financial ratios are dependent on the financial statements that exist for that timeframe and up to that startDate (inclusive).

  • Missing dependencies may result in incomplete financial ratios. For example, Railz cannot calculate runway for a specific timeframe without a Cashflow Statement.

  • Financial Ratios will not be available if the connected service provider does not support financial statements. See supported data types for more details.

    Please refer this page for more information on the Financial Ratios object and its data dependencies.

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