Before you can access data from users using QuickBooks Online for their accounting, you need to set up a QuickBooks Online integration in the Railz Dashboard™. You'll need to:

  • Register a new application on QuickBooks Online's developer portal.

  • Add your secure keys to the Railz Dashboard™.

Part 1: Register your Application

1. Create and/or Login to your QuickBooks Developer account:

2. Navigate to Dashboard (Top left).

3. Select + Create an app.

4. Select QuickBooks Online and Payments.

5. Enter App Details (Give your app a name & Choose a Scope), and select Save.

6. Under Production select Terms of Service Links:

Note: You can use your own links or use the following as placeholders (this step must be completed in order to proceed):

End-User License Agreement Url:
Privacy Policy Url:

7. Navigate to Keys & Oath (Under Production).

8. Complete the list to get Production keys.

9. On Keys & Oath (Under Production) select Add URI.

10. Enter and select Save.

Part 2: Add your Secure Keys

1. Navigate to: and login.

2. Click Integrations.

3. For QuickBooks select Manage.

4. Copy your ClientID & Client Secret from your QuickBooks developer account and Paste your ClientID & Client Secret into Railz and click Save changes.

5. Enable your integration. Go back to Integrations, and use the toggle to update the QuickBooks from Disabled to Enabled.

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