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Overview of getting started with Railz
Overview of getting started with Railz
Written by Ali Kiassat
Updated over a week ago

Getting started with Railz is easy but how quickly you can go to market depends on your internal resources! We’ve developed an easy way for you to do some early-stage testing to ensure you understand how Railz can work for you and your business.

We’ve also got a Quickstart Guide for using our Sandbox environment which you can play around with!

Overview of getting started with Railz.

2 - Select payment plan & add billing info - we will set your custom billing plan up when your platform is created!

For all accounting service providers besides Oracle Netsuite and Quickbooks Desktop, you will need to set up developer accounts in order to generate the API keys and complete the integrations

5 - Generate your API Keys (not necessary until you build with the API)

8 - Customer Connects their accounting service via Railz Sites™.

9 - View the data available in the dashboard and Reports Page to see the normalized data

Testing Complete, Full Build Begins

Once you get a taste of what’s available, now you can start to build out your full customer experience which includes Railz Connect™, selecting the appropriate endpoints, selecting Railz analytics, and setting up your webhooks

3 - Select Endpoints for Push & Pull based on your data requirements

4 - Select which Banking endpoints are needed based on which data you want to retrieve from a business’ bank

5 - Select which Analytics is needed based on your data requirements

  • Authentication Completed

  • New Connection

  • Data Synchronized

  • Connection Disconnected

  • Push Status

8 - Plan your marketing and go-to-market strategy to ensure you are leveraging the best practices for your customers to connect

9 - Go-to-Market with Railz

10 - Collect customer feedback and iterate

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Railz Support.

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