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How to report an issue to Railz Support?
How to report an issue to Railz Support?
Written by Ali Kiassat
Updated over a week ago

Railz Support can be contacted via email ( or using the chat option on the Railz Dashboard.

To help us support your query efficiently and to provide a response in a timely manner, please include as many details as possible.
Following are some of the main details that will be useful for us to troubleshoot your issue.

Common Details

  • Business Name

  • Service Name

  • Connection ID (if available)

  • Push communication ID (if the issue is related to pushing data)


  • A detailed description of the issue.

  • When was the issue first identified?

  • What are the steps we could take to reproduce the issue on our end?

  • How is your business customer impacted?

  • Was the issue reproducible with another business customer?

Error Message

  • Were there any error messages displayed to the user or on the API?

  • Screen capture of the error message.

Actions Taken

  • Have you tried again ie: making the API call again

Additional Information

  • Screenshots of the error message.

  • Any workflow details specific to this company

  • API request and payload (if available)

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