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Will data be available immediately after pushing?
Will data be available immediately after pushing?

How long does it take for data to be available after POST/PUT

Written by Ali Kiassat
Updated over a week ago

The Railz API allows you to push data to create and update data in the accounting service provider using the Railz data model. You can either create (POST) new records or update (PUT) existing records in the service provider using Railz API. A successful push request, however, does not make the data immediately available through Railz API. Once data is created or updated in the service provider either directly or through Railz API, it has to be synchronized before you can retrieve it using our API.

All business connections are, by default, synchronized every 24 hours through our Daily Data Synchronization to capture any changes made in the service provider. You may also initiate an On-demand Data Synchronization to get the data immediately.

Here are the two ways to make the data available for use after a POST/PUT request:

  1. Wait until the next Daily Data Sync which happens every 24 hours for all business connections.

  2. Initiate an On-demand Data Sync through POST /data/sync for a specific data type if you don't wish to wait until the Daily Data Sync. Once the On-demand Data Sync is initiated, you can check the status of this synchronization through GET /data/syncStatus endpoint. Once the sync is complete, any changes made for that data type will be updated and can be retrieved through the Railz API.

Before you pull data using Railz API, you can check the last time data was synchronized using the GET /data/syncStatus endpoint. Learn more about monitoring sync status here.

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